Cierto Tequila Honored in Multiple Categories at 2019 International Spirits Competition (SIP AWARDS)

Los Angeles, CA — The Elevated Spirits Company is pleased to announce that Cierto Tequila was awarded top honors at the 2019 International Spirits Competition. Cierto Tequila won awards in multiple categories, including a Double Gold, two Silvers, and a Bronze medal. Cierto Tequila is an authentic, 100% natural “true” tequila made exclusively from healthy, mature Highland agave in Jalisco, Mexico. Due to its complexity, character and incredibly smooth taste, tequila experts around the globe have called Cierto the “World’s Finest Tequila.”


The SIP Awards were created with a simple question in mind, “What about the consumer’s opinion?” The goal was to fill this void, bringing the people who regularly consume your product together to decide which brands deserve this prestigious award. They set out to create a fair competition, strategically choosing consumers from all demographics, creating an event that cuts to the core of public opinion as a starting point, rather than an afterthought.