Cierto is One of Uproxx’s “Best Tequilas for Whiskey Drinkers”

By Zach Johnston

Cierto Tequila Private Collection Reposado

This tequila — from NOM 1146 (Tequileña, S.A. distillery) in Tequila, Mexico — is made from 100% Weber agave cooked in an autoclave (pressurized chamber). The juice from the agave is extracted by a roller mill and then fermented in open stainless tanks with local spring water. That mash is then twice-distilled in copper pot stills before aging in a combination of used French and American oak.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: That “roasted” agave really breaks through on the nose with a touch of grilled pineapple in brown butter, a hint of vanilla, a touch of espresso bean, and a sweet note of caramel sauce.

Finish: That pepperiness drives the finish towards a sweetgrass note and a little more of that grilled pineapple with a dusting of clove.

Bottom Line: This tequila has a nice sense of rye whiskey just sneaking in on the end with that sweetgrass and clove. There’s a nice layer of caramel throughout that helps drive home the sweeter American whiskey vibe too.

Overall, try this either over a big piece of ice, as a tasty shot, or in a simple cocktail (think old fashioned).

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