Cierto Tequila Becomes Hottest Name in Spirits Industry Through Authenticity

by Gabriel Pessoa, Haute Living

Cierto Tequila is a luxury portfolio of award-winning, 100% additive-free true tequilas and officially launched in February of 2023.

Cierto plans on expanding nationally throughout 2023 but will begin launching in nine states, including California, New York, Texas, Florida and more. 

The dream and vision embodied by Cierto Tequila began back in 2017, when Todd Chaffee, venture capitalist, tequila connoisseur and Chairman of Cierto decided to disrupt the market by introducing an additive-free, authentic tequila.

Among all of its eight expressions throughout its Private and Reserve collections, Cierto has already gained a massive buzz after winning top honors in every major competition in which it has entered. 

After researching the tequila market, Chaffee found that up to 98% of tequilas are not truly authentic. Whether it be through additives, fake colorings, glycerin or other factors, the market was flooded with “artificial” tequilas.

“Natural tequilas are good, but they hit the palate quite hard since they’ve generally been aged in American whiskey barrels,” said Chaffee.

“So, when we decided to disrupt the industry, I had two conditions: Cierto had to be completely natural, no additives at all. Secondly, I wanted it to be exceptionally smooth and easy to drink.”

Chaffee reveals this second condition came about when considering the tequila market’s audience. “Half the buyers of tequila are women,” he noted.

While the vision for this authentic and easy-drinking luxury tequila might have started with Chaffee, he will be the first to confess that the genius behind Cierto comes from its master distillers, Enrique Fonseca and Sergio Mendoza – fourth and fifth-generation agaveros (agave farmers), respectively.

“Cierto,” Spanish for “true,” starts with fully mature, estate-grown agave from the majestic Jalisco Highlands, selected by hand and harvested at the perfect moment. 

Cierto’s aged tequilas mature primarily in rare French Limousin oak casks which previously contained fine wines and spirits, including cognac and Armagnac, specifically procured for their ability to gently persuade the agave’s essence to emerge. 

Crucial as Fonseca and Mendoza are to the Cierto team, they are by far not the only big names among this roster. Thanks to Todd Chaffee’s nearly supernatural visionary capabilities, Cierto has assembled a team of seasoned industry executives to develop the brand, partnering with Demeter & Co, which is led by Jeff Menashe as CEO and with Jim Clerkin as its Chairman.

Cierto’s Chief Growth Officer, veteran spirits executive Jim Ruane, comes with nearly two decades of marketing and beverage industry experience. 

“We are thrilled to debut Cierto Tequila, bringing this remarkable award-winning spirit to U.S. drinkers,” said Ruane. “Cierto is a testament to the true art of tequila-making.

With skyrocketing growth in luxury tequila and consumers paying increasing attention to what they’re putting into their bodies, we see an opportunity to differentiate with a supreme liquid that speaks for itself – no additives, no artifice, and no shortcuts.”

Cierto being the Most Awarded Tequila in History with more than 600 international medals and awards so far.

Cierto began its launch in February with its Private Collection, four distinct agave expressions embodying the rich complexity of the Highlands’ terroir. Cierto Tequila Private Collection Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo all offer different perspectives of this beautiful agave.

They retail for $89, $119, $169 and $279, respectively, where luxury tequilas are sold, and online at ReserveBar, Drizly, Instacart, and others. Cierto invites drinkers to savor slowly and celebrate responsibly.

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