Cierto Tequila Wins an Unparalleled Ten Awards at the 2020 Critics Challenge Intl. Wine & Spirits Competition

Los Angeles, CA — The Elevated Spirits Company is pleased to announce that Cierto Tequila was awarded an unparalleled ten (10) medals at the 2020 Critics Challenge Intl. Wine & Spirits Competition (CCIWSC).

Cierto Tequila won more medals than any other tequila this year at the competition. The CCIWSC honored Cierto with three Double Gold medals, four Gold medals, one Silver medal, named Cierto the “Distiller of the Year” and crowned Cierto’s Extra Anejo Reserve Collection the “Spirit of the Year” – far surpassing all other tequila brands.

With these ten new medals, Cierto Tequila has now won one hundred and thirty eight (138) international awards and medals.

Cierto Tequila is an authentic, 100% natural “true” tequila made exclusively from healthy, mature Highland agave in Jalisco, Mexico.

Due to its character, complexity and incredibly smooth taste, tequila experts around the globe have called Cierto the “World’s Finest Tequila.”


The esteemed Critics Challenge Intl. Wine & Spirits Challenge is one of the oldest and most revered competitions in the United States.

Founded by wine writers Dan Berger and Bob Foster and wine rep Dick Colangelo in 1982, the competition has been under the guidance of nationally syndicated wine columnist Robert Whitley for the past 17 years.

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