Cierto Tequila Wins Seventeen Awards and Medals at the 2022 SIP Awards

The Elevated Spirits Company is pleased to announce that Cierto Tequila won an incredible seventeen (17) awards and medals at the 2022 SIP Awards – two (2) Platinum medals, four (4) Double Gold medals, one (1) Gold medal, one (1) Silver medal, eight (8) Consumers’ Choice Awards and one (1) Innovation Award.

“We are especially excited that the community of consumer connoisseurs, those whose recognition we seek most, appreciates the luxuriously smooth taste and unparalleled quality of Cierto,” remarks Jim Ruane, Cierto Tequila’s Chief Growth Officer.

With these new honors, Cierto has won five hundred seventy-three (573) international medals and awards.


The SIP Awards were created in 2009 with a simple question in mind, “What about the consumer’s opinion?” The SIP Awards set out to create a fair competition by bringing together a judging panel of consumer connoisseurs, the people who regularly drink a product, strategically chosen across all demographics to cut to the core of public opinion.

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