Drinkhacker Calls Cierto “Delicious, Complex Sipping Tequila”

By Robert Lublin, Drinkhacker

Cierto Private Collection Tequila Blanco – Unaged, this tequila exudes agave character. The nose is bright, fresh, and expressive with lime, fresh roasted agave, and red pepper. The palate follows suit and goes deeper. Lightly sweet agave, fresh red pepper, and cracked black pepper hit first. A touch of mint and grapefruit pith follow, along with some minerality and an earthy note. The finish could be a bit
longer, but this is a delicious, complex sipping tequila. It would almost be a shame to use it to make cocktails.

Cierto Private Collection Reposado Tequila – Aged 11 months in barrel. The nose is bright and complex with balanced, overlapping notes of herbaceous agave, light vanilla, lemon pith, perfume, and gentle sweetness. Taking a sip, I find the tequila’s distinctive barreling plays a larger role and the agave takes a step back. Notes of vanilla, perfume, and a touch of bubble gum come first. Agave appears midpalate
and lasts through the finish, which is medium long. The nose on this tequila is exquisite and better than its palate, but altogether this is a layered and enjoyable reposado.

Cierto Private Collection Añejo Tequila – Aged 18 months in barrel. After trying the reposado, I was surprised to find how reserved the nose is on the añejo. But though it is subtle, it is also quite lovely with gentle notes of orange citrus, dark chocolate, and agave. The palate is similar, with intermingling soft flavors of dark chocolate, caramel, light agave, and lemon pith. This is a mellow tequila with a silky mouthfeel and a long finish. As I delved further into my glass, the tequila’s body got deeper and more satisfying. This is a tequila for sipping by the fireplace: soothing, delicious, and difficult to put down.

Cierto Private Collection Tequila Extra Añejo – Aged for 4 years, this tequila pours the color of gold. The nose is fairly reserved, showing light but rounded notes of vanilla, winey fruit, and oak. The palate is similar, opening with vanilla, black cherry, leather, and gentle wood tannins. Midpalate, some Cognac fruitiness appears along with black pepper. Dark chocolate comes in for the finish, which is long and pleasant as the vanilla, chocolate, pepper, and oak slowly disappear. This tequila is enjoyable and complex, and it may be a hit with fans of extra añejo, but I wanted the agave to play a larger role, and it was almost completely hidden by the wood.

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