Esquire: Cierto is One of 2023’s “Best Tequila Brands”

By Jonah Flicker

This is a new luxury tequila brand that launched here in the U.S. this past winter with four Private Collection expressions ranging from blanco to extra añejo. The aged tequilas are all matured in French Limousin oak (which previously held wine, cognac or Armagnac) for longer than usual amounts of time, bringing a depth of flavor and notes of oak, spice, and vanilla to the palate.

The tequila is all additive free, meaning the color and flavor came from the wood alone and making these sipping tequilas worth a try if you’re willing to splurge.

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Cierto Private Collection Blanco
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Cierto Private Collection Reposado
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Private Collection Añejo
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Cierto Private Collection Extra Añejo
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