The Daily Meal Names Cierto “The Best Tequila to Serve on the Rocks”

by Marlene Ridgway, Daily Meal

Cierto Tequila comes from a long line of talented distillers — passing down their knowledge and traditional methods throughout generations.

The brand offers an award-winning Blanco tequila, Cierto Private Collection Blanco, that is one of the best options to serve on the rocks.

Cierto allows its Private Collection Blanco to rest for several months before bottling. However, this does not affect the crystal clear appearance or the sweetness of its aroma.

If the flavor, aroma, and appearance are not enough to convince you, this bottle has won over eighty awards!

Although this technically is not an aged tequila, the brand is one that instills a sense of quality and trust. The company's long history ensures quality tequila inside every bottle.

A bottle costs approximately $100 for 750 ml and is best enjoyed in a tumbler or lowball glass with ice. This option also tastes great in a cocktail, such as a fresh agave margarita, a tangerine margarita, or served with just a dash of lime juice in a salt-rimmed glass.

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