UPROXX Says Cierto Tequila is “One of the Finest Blancos You Will Ever Taste”

by Dane Rivera, UPROXX

Cierto is a hot brand in the tequila space right now and I’ve recently acquired the company’s full portfolio of private collection expressions, and I have to say — overall it’s pretty astounding.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Herbaceous, floral, and citrusy, Cierto’s blanco is incredibly pleasing on the nose and inviting.

Palate: Vegetal, with prominent agave and citrus notes and a hint of dusty black pepper on the backend. One of the brightest blancos I’ve tasted in recent memory.

Finish: Smooth with a gentle kick of smoke at the finish.

The Bottom Line:

Cierto lives up to its hype, simply one of the finest blanco tequilas you will ever taste. It’s pure and direct with a focused bouquet of flavors that always gives you something new to latch onto.

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